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Hello, Is there an app that will treat files as if they were audio books meaning users are able to set bookmarks, control playback speed, etc? I'm looking for something that behaves similarly to the Audible app. Obviously the Audible app can only play Audible content and not mp3 or other file types. Many Thanks, Louis



Submitted by yorkshire-drew on Saturday, September 28, 2013

In addition to playing Audible books, the iOS Audible app can play audiobooks that have been bought from iTunes. It can also play any file in the m4b format that is loaded on your device. Within the app there are five buttons along the top. Settings, Cloud, Device, iTunes, and Delete. It's the iTunes button you need to tap to access the above-mentioned content. In many ways I prefer the Audible app to the Music app because there's an option to disable the screen from locking. Okay, this might use a bit more battery but I've always got full control over stop and play etc. There's also more functionality to rewind or fast forward.

Submitted by Jeff on Sunday, September 29, 2013

As mentioned, the Audible app can be used for audiobooks other than just Audible purchases. In fact, it can be used to play books in mp3 format. The built-in music player can also play audiobooks. There are 2 other apps that are designed specifically for playing audiobooks: Bookmark and the Ambling Book Player. Both of these are paid apps. The main advantage of the Ambling Book Player is that it will combine all files for a given book into a single library entry and play it continuously, similar to how the dedicated book players (such as the VR Stream) work. It will also report the remaining time for the entire book rather than for just the current file. All of these apps expect to have the audiobook imported into iTunes.

Submitted by Blind I Am on Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another option that I would throw into the mix is SpeedUp Player Pro. Bookmark had previously been my audiobook player of choice - and still is a good accessible choice - but one thing that always mildly irritated me was having to leave the app to change playback speed. Not only can you do this within SpeedUp Player Pro, but it also has more playback speed options. The interface takes a little bit more learning than Bookmark, but the app does offer more features.