Attention Clew Users DO NOT use the latest app update (1.3). A new version will be out today (1.3.1).

iOS and iPadOS

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry for the broad distribution of this announcement, but AppleVis has always been the community through which we have connected with Clew users. Honestly, I didn't know how else to get this information out there.

Last night we published an update to Clew. Shortly after the update, I discovered that there is a bug which prevents any saved routes that were recorded with previous version of the app from showing up in the saved routes list. What's worse is that if you then save a new route, it will overwrite your old routes.

Unfortunately, there was no way to unrelease this version, so instead I have submitted a fix for this issue to the app store. It should go through review later today and then the app can be used as normal. I am posting this here in the hopes that some of our users may see this and avoid using the app until the update with the fix comes out later today.

I am very sorry for this. I am deeply regretful that this bug may cause data loss for our users.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have lost your saved routes, it may be possible to retrieve them through an icloud backup (or some other backup). Please get in touch with us if this happens to you, and we'll try to see if this will work (I'm not sure it will, but it's the one thing that might fix data loss in this issue).

To be clear, if you wait to use the app or if you didn't record a saved route with the latest version (1.3), then your routes will show up once the new update goes through (1.3.1).

All the best, and sorry again,