Article about iOS 14, explaining tips and tricks, the public beta is also available. So not breaking rules

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Hello all,

Please find below a link article from MacWorld I think it is, explaining some cool features of iOS 14. I was wondering if anyone else had tried any widgets in the public beta, as I can’t get any of them to read with voice-over.



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I have iPadOs 14 on my 6th generation iPad, and have played with some or all of the new features. As it's on iPad, not iPhone as in iOs 14, I can't speak of that just because I keep my only iPhone on the latest public release, iOs 13.5.1, and shall wait until perhaps a later beta or, if we get it this year, a GM or I may even wait until the official release as with the case with me last year as there was no public GM of iOs 13.0. Just me though, and I respect everyone's choice. First impressions of iPadOs 14 is good and looks relatively stable compared to the first public beta of iPadOs 13 last year.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Youtube 9to5 did a nice video about it.

Submitted by peter on Wednesday, July 15, 2020

I have been a beta tester for many products over many years. I've always been reluctant to try and iOS beta since I only have one iOS iPhone which I use all the time.

Anyway, I am just wondering how stable Apple's betas are and if it is worth testing the beta. although I realize there is always risk in running a beta, I have found that most beta programs I test are reasonably robust. Plus one can archive one's system.

The main reason I would consider being a beta tester is to provide Apple with feedback on accessibility issues as early in the development process as possible so that they might actually be fixed!

Anyway, just wondering what experiences and thoughts other people have.



That's a fair question Pete. Trouble is, I've no idea how it would be possible to answer it with a decent level of detail without breaching the "Discussion of bugs introduced or fixed in a beta release" aspect of AppleVis' guidelines. Tired old topic I know, but still worth pointing out IMO.

Personally, I'm sitting this one out. My success rate for fixes on previous public betas was negligible, and it seems like the time I set aside for advocacy each week is better spent elsewhere. I can tell you that here, the previous public betas I've used from Apple were stable enough that I felt comfortable running them on my daily driver device with regular backups.

Hope that helps a bit.

From what I hear on youtube, it is very stable and is doing well. Reports states that it does take lot of memory.