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1) Will Ariadne GPS work with ONLY wifi access (e.g., no cell signal)? I only have an iPod Touch 4G and was wondering if I could use Ariadne GPS on my wifi-enabled university campus without having to have cell phone access. Has anyone ever used Ariadne GPS on wifi alone and has it worked? 2) If this does work, once I pay for / download the app, will I have to pay for the maps or anything else that goes with it? Thanks.



Submitted by Bat on Thursday, October 4, 2012

Unless you have a GPS accessory for your iPod touch your level of accuracy will only be about 250 feet as opposed to 33 feet with one. The maps are free and once the app is updated to work with Apple maps you will be able to look at them as long as you have a network connection to the outside world. Be advised that even the best GPS apps and equipment are no substitute for good mobility skills.

You don't unless you went out and bought one. If you want to get one, get one that will work with bluetooth and not through the dock connector. When shopping for one only buy ones that specifically claim to work with the iPod touch as Apple has implemented a standard that is different from other bluetooth GPS receivers. I have the XGPS150 from Dual Electronics. The GPS status app for the unit is less accessible than it used to be. You don't really need it unless you want to hear whether the GPS unit is charging or not and whether or not is connected.

Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Friday, October 5, 2012

hi, ariadne does not ask to pay for the map you just pay the app and have most functions; you'll have to pay more, only if you wish to have the extra-function added in last 3.0.x branch, that is the ability to share favourites (i mean, the places you save), with friends, via e-mail for example you place a favorite near the university door you want to give to another friend attending the same place, the ability to have the same point mapped so, you have to buy the extra-function, that can be acquired via in-app purchase, and with this extra-function, from the favorites list you can share them the map is included into ariadne without any extra-payment, but, I must warn you that map exploration does not work in current version available into app store. The developer is working on it, he's fixing it but, other funcctions such as monitor and favorites, work well For the other question you asked, about wi-fi, I say yes. It can work over wi-fi, the only condition is that internet works. bye

Hello to all, I have been testing and playing with Ariadne more for a while and I have found out something I would like to ask you about. Why is it that in some areas Ariadne reads and announces only the street names while in other areas it reads the house numbers along with the street names?? When I am in the town where I live, Ariadne reads and announces the house numbers and street names when I am passing them. When I activate "where am I" function, it also tells me the street name and the house number. On the other hand, when I am at my grandma's who lives in rural area, Ariadne reads and announces the street names only and not the house numbers. When I activate "where am I" function, it still displays just the street names. When I checkin with Foursquare, for example, it does not matter whether I am at home or at grandma's, there is always the house number. I think it has probably something to do with maps, but please does anyone know why all these things happen? Another thing is does anyone know any other GPS application which reads the street names and the house numbers when you are walking? Sorry for asking these questions, but I am not good at figuring things out with GPS systems. I hope my questions make sense. Your help and explanation would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No you can't use the GPS wit out cell data and no when you pay for the app during the download you don't have to pay for maps.

Submitted by Project on Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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Hi, I would just like to ask if Ariadne GPS and LookAround GPS from Sendero work in Asia? Like in countries in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore etc. Also, can it work indoors? Do both have Indoors Positioning System in them? Like when I am in a particular shopping mall, can it locate what specific shops there are on my left, or what floor am I on? Or will the screen just says which mall I am in, but not the shops in them? Please do reply asap. Thank you very much.