Ariadne GPS and iOS 6

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So, I have not yet purchased Ariadne GPS but am seriously considering it. I saw, however, on the app description that there are now some issues with the latest version of maps on iOS 6 and Ariadne. First of all, does anyone know precisely what these issues are and if they are really that serious? Second, should I go ahead and download the app or should I wait until the issues are resolved? Third, if I do download the app, is the update with the "fixes" going to cost extra or will it be free? Thanks.



Submitted by Bat on Saturday, October 6, 2012

Before you decide to buy the app or not, you should probably go to the developer's website and read the manual to make sure it will do what you want it to. The problem with Ariadne GPS and iOS 6 is this: when you try to display the map to explore, you would get a blank screen. Whether or not you should buy the app depends on what you want it for, if you wish to actually explore the map then you should probably wait and use Apple maps instead, if you wish to mark different places as favorites that will probably work. Updates for the app will be free so you will be laying out the same amount of money if you buy it now or wait.

Hello The actually Ariadne GPS update version works great on iOS 6, today is a exelent oportunity to purchase it Ariadne GPS normally cost $5. 99 but today you could purchase for $4. 99 Thanks Anonymouse for your comment.

My app appears to be updated, but it closes every time I try to explore a map on iPad 3 or iPod Touch, 4th generation, both using iOS 6. I welcome any suggestions.