AppShopper Social Replacement

iOS and iPadOS


After updating my iOS devices to iOS 10.3 and listening to many podcasts saying that once iOS 11 is available, that all apps running in 32-bit will no longer function. So far with iOS 10.3, these apps still work and you can view a list of all apps running in 32-bit under Settings>General>About>Applications.

Now I am sure that most of us have that one app, that may even show up on this list, that we do not want to lose. For me, this app is AppShopper Social. I have contacted the developper and they have said that they have tried updating the app but Apple won't let them. The app is not doing anything illegal, all it allows users to do is to keep track of apps that you want on a wish list and send you a push notification when an app has dropped in price or better yet, has become free. Now I am guessing that perhaps this could be the reason why Apple is not letting the developper's updates through, I'm not sure really.

What I am trying to find is a replacement app that does the same as App Shopper Social, but is also running in 64-bit. I do like to keep track of apps I would like to get and get notified when they drop in price. Now I know that I could probably just not upgrade to iOS 11 when it comes out but my current iPhone 6 Plus is getting long in the tooth and is starting to show it's age and give me problems, so I will most likely be upgrading to the new iPhone later this year, which I am positive will come pre-installed with iOS 11.

So if anyone out there knows of an app that does the same as AppShopper and is running in 64-bit, I would appreciate your input. Thanks!