apps to watch tv on an iPhone 6

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Hi, all, I have tried several apps to watch tv on my iPhone 6 lately. One worked well but has been updated and no longer works like it did so is useless to me. I downloaded Dish Anywhere since I'm subscribed to dish, and unfortunately, I have found it to be very user unfriendly and inaccessible using voice over. I found the show I wanted but couldn't get to the episode I wanted to watch/listen because the page wouldn't scroll down to show something at the very bottom that was a menu and menu option. I wanted to catch up where I've missed shows in the latest season and enjoy tv in this way no matter where I am, but I am very very disappointed in this app's accessibility and wonder if anybody else has had these problems and how to work around them. I want to watch tlc and is there any easier options on how to wat ch previous episodes of shows and how to navigate the page? Thanks and have a blessed day and Merry Christmas.



Submitted by David Goldfield on Thursday, December 22, 2016

Not being a Dish subscriber I am unable to comment on their app. I would, however, recommend contacting them directly and encouraging other subscribers to do the same. If using their contact form doesn't produce satisfactory results in a reasonable amount of time I would consider publicly calling them out on social media, such as mentioning them on Twitter or composing a detailed set of bug reports on their Facebook page.
Personally, I use Comcast's Xfinity TV app and feel that it is quite usable and that its level of accessibility continues to improve.