apps to remotely control a computer

iOS & iPadOS

hello guys, so I'm looking for an app that can uplink with my windows computer, so I can control it remotely when I am away.
Now, I'm not sure if such an app exists, I just know that my sister, and brother have been able to do it on their phones, but then they are fully sighed and are using android phones.
However, I thought I'd ask, does such an app exist on the iphone?
If so, is there an accessible version of it?
Thanks a lot!!!



Submitted by Casey on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I use an app called Pulsway.
It is totally accessible to VO. To my knowledge it dosn't allow for full remote control, but you can do things like restart, shutdown, kill processes, check temps, CPU utilization, and browse files. You can also run commands via terminal and use power shell. It has gotten me out of a jam when my computer freezes etc.
Hope this helps.