Apps and iCloud restore issue

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all,

I just got my new iPhone 13 today, and tMobile decided to do an iCloud restore while setting it up before they gave it to me. Everything such as contacts, messages, etc transferred over just fine.
Apps, meanwhile, all appear to be stuck at 55%. VoiceOver says "loading: 55%" it seems on each and every app. Restarting my phone did not help this, nor did going to the app store's purchased tab and clicking on any of the "redownload" buttons. It'll just say "loading" and immediately switch back to "redownload". Basically I need to restart the entire process because I guess maybe something happened while I was coming home and it got stuck because I was on 5G?
Is there any way to fix this? It would suck if I have to reset the phone and just start anew without doing an iCloud restore. Games such as Six Ages rely on iCloud saves.



Submitted by Maldalain on Saturday, October 23, 2021

I suggest to give it more time to finish. I have seen this my iPhones when I restore apps, it happens when network change happens or when the connection dies then comes back.