Apps with Accessible TV Listings Search

iOS and iPadOS

In order to do most of my TV listings stuff, I generally use the official TVGuide Mobile app which is, for the most part, accessible. (Notice I say "for the most part".)

The one thing that appears not to be totally accessible is the "search" function. I can enter search terms and all, but, when I tap for the results, it ALWAYS says something like "no results" when I know full well that, in some cases, there *are* results visible.

Are there any other TV listings apps that allow one to accessibly search listings? (I'll probably still use TVGuide for most other things, but I'm looking for an alternative to use for search.)



Submitted by Hey-June on Friday, May 1, 2015

If you use a major cable company, try their app. I have U-verse and have used their Uverse app and their Easy Remote app. The latter is accessible though rather prone to crashing if you have the nerve to want to delete something you've recorded.
June I.