Apple will you please fix the major focus issues on the iPad!!!!!

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Ever since iOS 14, Voice Over has been having problems with the focus on the built in keyboard and iPad in general. You keep updated the iPad but not fixing the previous issues we tell you about. When will you be able to correct this one? It scrambals my words, so if I wrote the word “dog” I get “ogd or gdo” My keyboard freezes on a letter and it kicks me out of a edit box when I’m composing a message. Will you please fix this bug!!! I want my iPad back!!! Don’t just sweep it under the rug like you did all of the other ones. Highly disappointed in this update.
If anyone else is having any of these issues with their iPads, then post them all here.



Submitted by Patrick Smyth on Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Yeah the keyboard is mad janky. Though, obviously, we're not Apple. But I support this push. Having serious focus issues with third-party keybaords, can't use FlickType without turning off VO, which obviously isn't super great.