Apple Music, music app navigation partly broken in iOS 14.5

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Hi, and though this is truly a bummer, I'm not writing this as to complain, but rather, to see if anyone has a work around that they may have discovered?'In Apples stock Music app, especially with Apple music enabled, One is not able to properly navigate Apple made playlist pages, or album pages, in iOS version 14.5 with Voiceover enabled.
As an example I have navigated to the
brows, tab,
Updated playlist, todays country,
and when swiping to the right, one would see,
Todays country
Apple Music Country, Button,
Updated Yesterday
Play button.
Shuffle Button.
More Button.
description of the playlist.
Verticle Scroll Bar, 534 pages, 0%
Mini player, album artwork.
The issue here, is one is not able to navigate to the music tracks within the playlist, which normaly came after the description.
If one uses his/her finger to navigate the screen, one is still not able to find the music track list.
If one swipes up with three fingers, it is hit or miss. Voiceover starts reporting the amount of pages one is scrolling up, 2 of 534, etc, and this still doesn't help after touching the screen to see if content has refreshed.
Then, you may get into actual page counts that one would expect, 3 of 22, as their may be 22 pages in the playlist, and one may start seeing the tracklist, mid way down, and can start flicking to the left, but don't flick to far, because if you hit the description again, you will have to start all over.
The music app has been broke in similar ways for several versions of iOS, but I hadn't written this poast, as I assumed with the big iOS 14.5 release this may be corrected.
The new place where this is happening, is on album pages. You are not always able to see album tracks.
The more button to share, or take other actions, only has a done button, no other action is able to be taken.
This issue may be corrected by reloading the music app. Force closing from app switcher, and reloading.
If you are able to get into the playlist tracks within an apple made playlist, and you doubletap and hold, to invoke the menu, this some times may not work and you will have to reload the music app, sometimes, multiple times to get this to work again.
If you have any thoughts/suggestions on these matters that have worked for you, please drop a comment on this post.

Thanks for your time in reading!



Submitted by DrewWeber on Friday, April 30, 2021

So, I hadn’t taken into account that scroll bar and hadn’t tried moving it, it looks like if you flick it down one time you are able to easily get to the tracks. Still not ideal but I thought I would put it out there.

Submitted by Diamond tears on Saturday, May 1, 2021

I haven’t tried this with albums yet since updating, but definitely noticed it with playlists in particular exactly as described. Also my iphone just says button when scrolling through them now, and my iPad doesn’t announce anything at all except for the clicking between elements!! This is very annoying as I have rather a lot of them, and frequently make up my own which I like to share with friends!! I have written to apple to highlight these problems so hopefully we’ll get a good result soon!

Submitted by John Gurd on Sunday, May 2, 2021

I noticed the same thing soon after updating. I wasn't chuffed. At least the scroll bar is a hit and miss work-around. I'll report it to Apple. The morr of us do it the more likely it will get fixed.