App for teaching texting/social networking?

iOS and iPadOS

Hey all. I have used this site as an information resource for years - but it just occurred to me to actually join the party after I came up short in my latest search for the perfect app.

I was wondering if anybody knows of a good iOS application or game that can help teach an older child/teenager with mild learning disabilities the basic principals and mechanics of texting/social netoworking?




Submitted by Siobhan on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Hi. I don't know of any apps personally that would help you. However it all depends on how someone learns. If this person is good with audio and following along, you might want to try a podcast. I know there's ones for Twitter, Facebook maybe and Insta maybe? Not sure about those last two. If you use a podcast, you can pause it step by step, to see if the child/teen can follow the person's tutorial. As with anything, this is only a suggestion. I'll put in two other podcasts I enjoy. One of them is Davidwoodbridge. He does some podcasting here, but also hashis own site. I think you can Google him. Another one, though her podcasts may not be up any longer, is TFFP podcast. The site used to be: Other then that, I'm not sure what else may help you. Hope i've given you a few ideas.

Submitted by jack on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Hi Tom.
For texting, it is recommended they use a combination of the messages app and Siri on their phone or iPad. The Messages app is probably the simplest in terms of learning the user interface, particularly when compared to the ever-changing interfaces of some social media apps.
Regarding social networks, what social networks does this person want to potentially use? Due to each app having having a different interface, it can be a lot to digest, and sometimes it's hard to know where to start. I personally find that Twitter is the easiest to learn, while Facebook is a not-so-close second when taken into account their fix something, break something else pattern when it comes to app accessibility throughout updates. Instagram and Snapchat, while wildly popular in mainstream circles, introduce yet more layers of complication, though depending on their interests they might want to still try to use them. Instagram I would say is more accessible than Snapchat, probably because it leverages some of Facebook's not-so-great image recognition features given that it's a Facebook subsidiary.

Not enough to beat the efforts of Twitter even without it officially having an accessibility team until just recently, but yes, Snapchat is usable. That's as far as I'd put it, as I would not call it totally accessible yet.

Submitted by Tom Jackson on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

This at least helps me determine where to begin in resource creation. I'll add more to this thread if I can come up with any answers that work for this particular situation.