App to combine videos into one for my video blog

iOS and iPadOS

I am completely blind and am doing a video blog. Problem is that I cannot easily pause and that wouldn’t be sufficient for me to pause and resume. What I need is an app to be able to combine the videos into something, like one video, a story or whatever. So if I have two videos ranging from thirty seconds to two minutes, I want to combine them so I get a longer video that I can put on youtube on my video blog. I am not quite sure if I am explaining this right but I am trying. I want to make videos of me doing something and it wouldn’t be bad if I could also record audio but... would Clips be sufficient? Or can you only make really short videos with that?



Submitted by Mitchell on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I believe what you need is iMovie. It is fully accessible and free, so I think you should be fine with that.