Anyone used Rewardable

iOS & iPadOS

Hello Apple Vis,
I was wanting to ask if anyone has used Rewardable? It is an app that is similar to many others out there such as Perks line of apps like Perk TV, or Swag Bucks.
Has anyone used the app and not gotten any acorns when doing tasks? I've done several and I had read that it takes some 24 hours to process. yet again nothing has processed. I am not sure if it could be some VoiceOver issues or what it could be. I do know that some of the things that do occur, have some accessibility issues. Such as ads that you would watch for Acorns.
I have emailed Rewardable a couple of days ago, but have not heard anything from them.
I wanted to ask and see if anyone has had any of the same issues I am having with the app.
Thanks in advanced.