Is anyone still using IOS 6X

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Hi, I relies that I may be in the minority, but I was just wondering if anyone on this site is still using IOS6x? Myself am using V6.4 on an iPhone 5. Call me sceptic if you like but I've been thinking about upgrading for a while and as far as I can come up with is. All that's changed is a bunch of UI visual aspects and sure things may of been moved around. Also we have the control centre which is kinda cool but what's wrong with tapping into settings now and then to change something. Ok I understand if you have to adjust functions quite frequently then that method would become tiring pretty quickly hence the control centre for quick access. We've got iCloud key chane again cool but never going to use it because I prefer to remember my passwords. I'm not making an attempt to say that there is nothing new that Apple has created for us in IOS7 because I must admit the hand writing feature we get with Voiceover sounds pretty amazing if one had had sight in there past to give it a go and see if it works for them. As a final thought, I would like to know that as of V7.0.4 has any improvements been made for Voiceover? I heavily make use of Fleksy and would like to know if that bug where the screen automatically locks regardless of the time limit one has set for it to do so has been fixed on an iPhone 5. Thanks all and I look forward to knowing if there are still any users who are still hanging out on ios6. Daniel



Submitted by Serena on Saturday, November 16, 2013

hi, i am only using iOS 6 on my iPhone 3gs. my 5 is on 7. i love 7, even with the bugs it has. control centre, well, one thing is, you can ajust the settings without even unlocking your phone now. before, i'd have to unlock the screen, open settings, go in to an option, then toggle something on or off. now, its a matter of hit the home key to wake it up, slide down to bring up the control centre, and activate / deactivate an option. there is also the fact that you can ajust settings with siri now. which is very handy. not saying there aren't problems with 7, cause there are. but i like it, even so. of course, on my 3gs, i have no choice. lol.

Me too. I'm still using 6.12 as a matter of fact. I really am considering upgrading to iOS 7 simply because of that new handwriting game they came out yesterday, but for the time being I'm on six. One of the reasons I have an upgraded to seven is because I don't know how many games don't work. Does dimensions work on iOS 7? How about monolith loop? Just so many apps that I use that I don't want to see crash or not work at all on seven, so I've stuck with six.

hello! I'm still using iOS6 on my iPhone 5 because the arabic reading voice included in iOS7 is a lot worse than that of the iOS6

Submitted by Daniel on Sunday, November 17, 2013

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Hi, with Mavericks the ability to sync ones contacts via USB and iTunes has gone. Therefore, forcing the user to use iCloud. However, if I were to update my iPhone 5 to IOS7 but not my Mac which is still running Mountain Lion would this functionality still be present? Thanks

Submitted by kithri on Sunday, November 17, 2013

I am still using the latest version of IOS 6, think that is the 6.1.3 and see no reason at this time, especially with the bugs and sudden frequent updates, to upgrade to IOS 7. I have found that certain new apps want you to download version 7 as the message says they only work with that, but most were free games and other such things that I was going to try to see if accessability was possible so it was no big thing. As far as I can see, people jump right onto something new and absolutely have to have it wether that be a new gadget, operating system or whatever and don't take the time to let things settle to get some feedback on said item/system before making a decision. Until APPLE doesn't seem to be releasing some sort of bug fix every few weeks or so, I like my IOS 6.

Submitted by xenacat3 on Monday, November 18, 2013

Hi: I finally decided to upgrade to the latest IOS last week and haven't had any problems to speak of. I had previously jailbroken my phone and had to think for a long time whether I would miss any of the added functionality it provided. I eventually got tired of trying to download apps which required IOS 7 though, so I upgraded. I think I will miss the call announce feature I had set up which was a jailbroken app, but I actually use my iPhone for calls less than for anything else. I also had an app which added an "attach"function to the default mail program, but I can still email documents by opening them first and then choosing the "Mail"option. All in all, I haven't noticed any significant drawbacks from upgrading. By the way, be sure to enter DFE mode on your iPhone before upgrading if it is currently jailbroken. Lisa