Anyone know of a good app for recording phonecalls?

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Hi guys! I've applied for a job as a summer substitute journalist at a local newspaper. Even though I have no formal education within the field of journalism, they have agreed to hiring me for one week of probation first, to see if I got any talent... :) So now I'm trying to prepare as good as I can, so I'll do a hell of a job there! :) One of the things I would like to do, is to be able to record phone calls while doing an interview, so I can come back and listen to it afterwards, so I'll not miss any important elements when writing out the article. Yeah, I know, there will not always be time to do this, e.g. when there has been an accident that needs to be reported quickly, but I would really want to have the option to do this in the situations that allows for it to be done. So, does any of you know of a good, accessible app that will let me do this? I've heard of an app called Recorder that does this, but it has, as far as I know, small limits to recording time, and you'll have to pay a million to get more. It also wouldn't enable recording of incoming calls, which isn't actually that important, but it would be nice to have that option as well. I'm also not sure to the degree of which this app is accessible with VoiceOver. I've also heard that Google Voice can do this. But for me it seems kind of hard to have to set up a new account to be able to call people, and if I've understood it right, Google Voice gives you a new number that is used to place the call that people can't reply back to. I really want to call from a number that people can use to reach me on later, in the case where they e.g. remember something crucial that they had forgotten to tell me. Man, this post got too long! Sorry, folks! ;) Any great tips on this, or other related hints and tricks that works for being a journalist, will be very highly appreciated! Wish me luck! ;)



Submitted by Khalfan Bin Dhaher on Saturday, March 23, 2013

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Hello. :) WeTalk iOS app is a quite good app. I've used it myself for making interviews. The sound quality isn't bad, it's good enough. It's VoiceOver user friendly and easy to navigate. Below is the AppStore download link. All the best. Khalfan.

Submitted by synthesizer101 on Saturday, March 23, 2013

First, I have heard of an app called TapACall by epic enterprises that can record calls, both incoming and outgoing, from your device. That might work for you, although I haven't tried it for accessibility. By the way, does WeTalk record normal calls from the phone app, or only from their own one with their service? I've already got a verizon talk plan, so don't need another just for recording.

I downloaded WeTalk to give it a try, but it doesn't seem to let you record normal celular calls... Looks like you can only record from calls made from creditt through in-app purchase... I will give the second suggestion atry... Thanks, both of you ;)

Can't find the other app in the app store... Also tried searching for epic enterprises, but found only 2 apps, and it's none of them... Maybe it isn't available in the norwegian store...

Submitted by synthesizer101 on Saturday, March 23, 2013

I haven't tried it because their privacy policy made it seem that they were a little open about information, and I didn't really need a recording of every call I make. If you searched for both, it's probably not there. I copied the name of the app icon on the home screen, so this might report differently. All I know is that it is in the U.S. app store and actually works with the regular phone app.

You're right. Important note, the TapeACall isn't accessible at all! It's not the right app for VO users. The options are amazing, but it's unusable and costs 9.99$.

Cliff. Below is the lite version. Give it a shot and try it. You can then decide weather it's compatible for you or not.

Submitted by Cliff on Sunday, March 24, 2013

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Damn it! Get an error saying it's not available in the norwegian store and i have to change to the U.S. store. Once i'm there, i have to search for it to find it. So then i hit the Free button to download it, and i'm then told that my account isn't valid for use in the US store...

Would it be possible for me to make a new apple ID that's set up with the US store so i can download free apps there? Just a thought... Thank you guys for helping out! It's greatly appreciated! :)

Submitted by Cliff on Sunday, March 24, 2013

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Thanks! ;) After a little bit of googling, I got it working! Finally, I managed to download the app, but it doesn't seem to be accessible at all... Man, I realy feel like giving up my quest for recording phonecalls soon... Oh, a last thought I had; Is it possible to use the AudioBus app to route the audio from the phone app to an app that can record it?

Just a quick note to stress that although it is possible to create an Apple account for other country stores, you are required to provide a valid address when doing so. If this were not to be your own address, you would be in breach of Apple's terms and conditions. Therefore, this is not something that AppleVis would want to encourage or condone.