anyone know about a pill identifier app that can run on a iPhone 6?

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Does anyone know of a pill identifier app for the iPhone 6?
I was going to recommend the script talk app from envision America, however, this person doesn't have a iPhone 7 or higher. The person has an iPhone 6.
I was thinking of seeing AI, but if anyone knows, Please comment on this post.



Submitted by peter on Sunday, January 26, 2020

Yes, the RFID tags that label prescription bottles for the blind only work with the later iPhones since the earlier ones don't have this technology built in.

However, the company En-Vision America that partners with pharmacies to provide and make the tags will send you a free reader that works essentially the same as an iPhone would. Thus you hold the prescription bottle over the ScriptTalk device which they send you and it will speak all of the information associated with the RFID tag just as the iPhone would. Not as convenient as using your phone, but it does work to identify the prescriptions and it is free.

I would call EnVision America who makes the ScriptTalk device and have them send you one. Alternately the pharmacy might be able to set you up with a device but sometimes even if the pharmacy offers this service the people working there won't know about it.

Good luck.