Any unlabeled button on an iOS app can be labeled easily

iOS and iPadOS
Hi everyone, some of you may already know that in iOS 5 there is a voice over label feature. Whenever there is an unlabeled button in an app, you simply double tap with 2 fingers and hold after the second tap, which then makes a sound and brings up the keyboard, allowing you to write down what you want the button to say. This is also useful for labeling photos. So anyone encounters a great app with unlabeled buttons, if others could post what those are, that would be very helpfull for everyone, because we could all make those specific apps a little more accessible. Thank you for your support, and for more info, please consult the iOS Manual what's new in iOS5 and or Braille commands for the iPhone



Submitted by Kevan on Wednesday, August 15, 2012

There should be a cloud service or site where one can easily import labels made by other users into VoiceOver on iDevices. Without Apple's help though, the thing will probably be difficult.