any language learning app to learn either Korean or German on iOS

iOS and iPadOS

Does any one know of a language learning app for either Korean or German that is accessible with VoiceOver on iOS? I was using Duolingo, but the latest update seemed to broke accessibility, (not that it was perfect to begin with.)
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Submitted by Weary Mouse on Friday, July 3, 2015

I am so bummed about DuoLingo. It wasn't perfect, but it was very useful. I've written the developer about the problem and they didn't even send me a form letter in response.There are a few problems but the biggest is that the "continue button" is now invisible to VO. So the only work-around is turn VO off, touch the bottom of the screen where the button should be, and turn VO on again. Except on screens where there is a keyboard, the continue button isn't at the bottom. Well, in any case, it's not worth it.

The next best language learning sources I've found are podcasts. If you go to an accessible podcast player - I use Downcast, and do a search for German or Korean, you will find lots of options. It's not as effective as being able to interact with an app, being able to write exercises and get corrections when you are wrong, but some of them are very good.

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