Any IOS7.1.1 Bugs Yet?

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Hi All,

Wondering what (if any) new bugs have been encountered in IOS7.1.1 to date.
Also would like to know what IOS7.1 bugs (if any) have been fixed. Specifically there was one where users had to choose between voice over with screen curtain turned on or no voice over use with screen curtain off. The three finger triple tap wouldn't work to turn on or off the screen curtain while voice over was in use. So hopefully that bug was squashed.
Also what (if any) accessibility improvements have been made with the new software release?
I look forward to learning what everyone has to say.




Submitted by dvdmth on Sunday, April 27, 2014

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I have used iOS 7.1.1 for some time now, and as far as I know, there are no new bugs in the new version.

As for bugs that have been fixed, the only one I am aware of is the issue with Bluetooth keyboards that was introduced in iOS 7.1. That bug was encountered when the Control key was pressed, unless Option was also pressed at the same time. Under iOS 7.1.1, that bug was squashed.

I haven't heard of any issues with the screen curtain. Indeed, for me the screen curtain has always worked as expected. I also have the Zoom feature active, so for me it's a three-finger quadruple-tap instead of triple-tap, but nevertheless it has always worked for me.

Have the VoiceOver bugs been fixed in 7.1.1? In 7.1, many users reported that VoiceOver sounded choppy or that there was little to no difference between the compact and HQ voices. This bug didn't effect all devices. It seems to be a random bug. Has this been fixed in 7.1.1? If not, I'm sticking with 7.0.6 for now.

Submitted by Michael Hansen on Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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To the best of our knowledge, the only VoiceOver bug fix in iOS 7.1.1 is for the Bluetooth keyboard issue.

As for the HQ voice not sounding much different from the compact voice, this is not a bug. The iOS 7.1 compact voice was changed, and the sampling rate was increased. So it sounds more like the HQ voice now. The HQ voice has not really changed, except for the pronunciation of a couple of words.

Submitted by Yokose on Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I believe I know what our friend is talking about. I had iOS 7.1 and tried to get the HQ Voices with no results. Oh, don't get me wrong... the HQ Voice downloaded but very slowly and when it was done it took for about 1 minute before reverting back to compact voice. This appears to have been resolved in iOS 7.1.1 as I have downloaded the HQ Voices for all the US English voices. They seem to last much longer then the reported minute above.