Any blind YouTubers out there?

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I'm not quite sure where to put this, so moderators feel free to move it as you see fit, as it could easily go in a number of places, depending on what apps and programs others are using to do what I want to accomplish. Just curious as to if there are any users here who have youtube channels. I'm thinking of doing this, but first want to get some tips on how I might go about it. I plan to get a tripod, so that will help my phone remain stable. But, do you just shoot your stuff in the camera app on the phone, or is there a special app that you use? What is the most accessible and straight forward way to do things like add background music to my videos? I am not expecting to produce any cinematic masterpieces here, but would like things to look and sound decent. In addition to background music, what are some other easy things to add that will make for a better looking video? Any tips would be much appreciated.



Submitted by Ming_VL on Thursday, July 29, 2021

I am an YouTuber. I can not see anything. Normally I play the violin or other instruments and upload to my YouTube Chanel. Also I like to take video for cooking foods.
I can edit my video with Final Cut Pro.
My suggestion is that practice take video with good angle and practicing with good VoiceOver. And then familiar with how to edit your video via Final Cut Pro or other video edit software.
About upload, it is very simple. I think you just take a little bit time you will know how to upload your video.
Hope these can help you.

Submitted by Justin Harris on Friday, July 30, 2021

Mostly, I'm just nervous that I might not have the camera focused right and only be partially in frame, which wouldn't look good.
Have you ever used iMovie? I don't have the money for Final Cut.

Submitted by Kadianne Monroe on Friday, July 30, 2021

I'm starting a YouTube channel soon, and I'm also going to get a tripod. What I'm going to do is ask for sighted help in positioning myself, and then getting relevant feedback from two YouTube groups I'm in on Facebook when I want to film on my own. I want to film two or three videos in a session, and post one video per week. I know how to edit with iMovie on my phone, and doing research will help you to determine background colors, popular filters, And Little tips that might help you out here and there. I've actually been thinking of starting a YouTube discussion group on Facebook, not for sharing links, but for actually giving advice and answering questions for people who want to become Youtubers, especially for those of us who are totally blind. I know how to use iMovie on my iPhone in terms of where to get free stock photos, how to add music from the YouTube audio library to a project, using the Clips app to create intros, and how to use the overlay functions such as picture in picture, split screen, cutaway, and how to add just the audio from another source to your project as well. I also know how to add and source sound effects to make your videos a little more interesting. I am totally blind and I am a full-time voiceover user.
As I said before in my subject, I might be able to help you out with some advice if you're interested. I have also been talking to the Google Accessibility team regarding the accessibility of the YouTube desktop site. It seems that they were unaware of these problems, and I have been working with them to ensure that this is resolved in the upcoming weeks. It's going to take time, and everything that I'm willing to share with you our methods that I have learned on my own. Hardly anyone in this community seems to know, care, or even want to share their resources with anybody else for that matter.
It's going to take a lot of planning, organizing, and patience to get everything to the level where you want it, but it's generally worth it. If you're interested, send me a message on here, or you can find me on Facebook. i'm using the same name that I have on this profile.