Another Bluetooth Issue

iOS and iPadOS

One of the primary reasons I purchased the iPhone was for its voiceover feature. I love books so it reads books to me. I have discovered an issue, however, which I believe is linked to the iOS 9 update. I have a set of LG TonePro which work well with iOS 9 until I try to use voiceover. In the past, I would triple click the home screen and voiceover would work without a hitch. Now, voiceover, by default, plays through the iPhone's speakers and not through the headset. It seems linked to AirPlay. The TonePro is automatically set as the AirPlay destination until voiceover is turned on. At that point AirPlay switches its audio destination to the iPhone rather than the TonePro. To force AirPlay to port voiceover to the TonePro, I must open the control center, turn on voiceover, then change the destination of AirPlay. I know this process was not this difficult just a month ago. I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to fix this or at least for someone to help me understand what is going on. Thanks!



Submitted by Luke on Sunday, January 10, 2016

You said you're running iOS 9, but they are up to 9.3 now, and the most recent update specifically addressed VO issues with Bluetooth so I'd make sure you've got the latest version of iOS