Announcing Math Melodies; a new iOS app to help blind or low vision children learn mathematics

iOS and iPadOS
Dear friends of AppleVis, At EveryWare Technologies we are very pleased to announce that at we have released the first complete version of Math Melodies, a novel app for iPad that helps visually impaired children to learn mathematics! The app is now downloadable for free from the App Store at the following link:; at the moment is available both in Italian and English language, but we are also working on a German version. Math Melodies is designed to overcome some of the challenges that blind and sight impaired children have to face in learning mathematics since primary school. We want to make mathematics learning more engaging and entertaining and that's why we have conducted some evaluations with children, receiving enthusiastic feedbacks so far. Math Melodies is aimed both at blind and visually impaired students: the audio feedback assists the child in practicing arithmetic exercises while sliding the finger over the tablet. This first release is designed for children from the first to the third grade of primary school, and includes 6 chapters of a tale comprehensive of music and sounds, with 12 different type of exercises (each with a different level of complexity). We would like to invite all the people from AppleVis to try the application and to let it try to children between 5 and 8 years of age. If you want to let a visually impaired child try the application, you can first read the “for the grown-ups” section where it is explained how to do it. Thanks to all and if you have any question please write us at! Any comment or feedback is very important to us. EveryWare Technologies' Team



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