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Hi wonderful hive mind!
I have a burning question!
The thing is, I use a lot of book services such as Audible, iBooks, Bookshare plus two Swedish services called Legimus and Storytel. Legimus is the Swedish equivalent of CNIB or RNIB, while Storytel is a commercial audiobook streaming service here in Sweden.
However, the bookworm that I am, there are still books I can't get my hands on due to geographical restrictions. I was hoping that Bookshare would solve this problem for me, it turns out I was wrong.
The thing is that my public library here in Stockholm have a lot of the books I have been looking for, but my second problem is that MTM, which provides us with Legimus, are rather restrictive about producing talking books in english, preferring, books that have been translated into Swedish instead. That is not to say they don't produce books in English, they have even collaborated with RNIB. However, there are still lots of books missing from their catalogue.
This is however not the case with the public library. They have an abundance of books in English, especially the books I have been looking for.
Now to my question:
Is there any app which scans pages and does it well?
I have tried several free ones, but to tell the truth, they are rubbish! I'm not saying I'm not willing to pay for a good app. I'm however not willing to pay for something that doesn't work.
The problems I have encountered are as follows:
*Does not read the page correctly, one main factor being that the camera is not directed at the page in the right way
*The buttons are not labeled
There is probably more that I can't remember, but hopefully you get what I mean.
I googled and found an app called Amedia Live Reader. What are the pros and cons with it? Would you recommend it? What other apps would you recommend?
I would love to use any scanner that is easy to use, preferably one who reads the whole page at a time and isn't too picky about the position of the camera, or that it at least tells you when you're pointing the camera in the wrong way.
Ok, I get it! I'm probably asking too much. But if you have an app to recommend, whether it does what I asked about or not, please tell me!
One big bonus would be if it saves the pages to a PDF or something. That would mean I could scan a number of pages and I would not have to sit and scan my books on the run.
Thanks in advance and sorry for this messy post!



Submitted by alex wallis on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I have never had good results with media live reader, if you want a reliabl app that gives good results consider knfb reader, yes its expensive but it works very well, though I admit I haven't used it with books really, I have mostly only used it with letters, but knfb reader gives you far more feedback about how the phone is lined up than apps like media live reader and also knfb reader does offer you a free trial so you can see if it meets your needs before paying for the inapp purchase..

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