Amazon App(Voice Search Button Missing)

iOS & iPadOS

There appears to be the absence of a Voice Search Button which formerly was visible on the Amazon app for iDevices. I' wondering if anyone else has experienced this same phenomenon.



Submitted by Joe on Friday, August 4, 2017

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For sighted folks it's there when startting the app without VO. However with VO running it is disabled for some reason.

Submitted by Tina on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I, to, ran a test on both my iPhone and iPad, and noticed that if you're using Voiceover, the Voice Search button isn't there. Evidently, Amazon has set things up so you are not able to use Alexa when Voiceover is enabled. If you don't have Alexa, you pretty much can't use the Voice Search feature. You almost have to trick Amazon to make it work.

As the author of the blog post previously cited, argues, this practice is unacceptable. If you write to Amazon, you may wish to let them know about this.

I've seen this pattern often with app updates. I have to again wonder if these app developers need almost constant reminders about accessibility from someone looking over their metaphorical shoulder until they can't ignore it. Maybe they just need to be gently reminded, and if they don't get the message, you have to take more drastic action with them.

Anyway, if you updated the Amazon app, please get in touch with them to express your feelings. Thanks.

Submitted by mendi on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I can also confirm this behavior, as I tried it out over the weekend. Thankfully, I do have reverb on my phone and still have Alexa functionality should I want it, but this still is not a thing that should've happened. I'm wondering what the best way is to contact amazon about this problem?