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Hey all!!
I hope you all are having a good Easter!
I have a few questions regarding the Amazon app.
1. Can you enter gift cards using the app?
Every time I've entered gift cards through their site, there's been nothing but issues!! And it's so beyond frustrating!!!!
2. Can you buy Kindle books through the app?
That's all I use Amazon for is to buy Kindle books.
3. Iince I buy only Kindle books from Amazon, that's all that's in my wish list.
Can you look at your wish list in the Amazon app if all that's on it is Kindle books?
I know this may seem like a stupid question b...
4. Can you browse the Kindle store in the Amazon app?
I only ask this because while I like browsing in the Kindle app, I have only 1 complaint. There's no price for the book. I either have to go to my wish list and see what the price is, or I'd have to browse the Kindle store through the web site.
5. And while I'm at it, can you see deals for Kindle books through the Amazon app?
And can you see if there's a deal on a book in your wish list? I'm a cheap skate, and if a book costs say $15, I'll wait until the price drops. I get an email sometimes with an alert, but I'd like a way to see in the app. If that makes sense.
I think that's all for now. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!

P.S. can you edit the wish list in the Amazon app? Remove items for example.



Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Monday, April 22, 2019

You cannot purchase a Kindle book through the Amazon app but there is a work-around.

First, go to the Today's screen on your phone or otherwise known as page one.
Next, locate the search option found in the upper lefthand corner.
Then double tap on this option and either enter the title of the book or the author's name and include the word Kindle in your search.
Next, locate the search button in the lower righthand corner of the keyboard and double tap it to conduct the search.
Next, find the Web Search button option and double tap to activate it.
Now you should be in the Safari browser. If you have set your default search engine to be Google, as I have, then you will land on that page.
Finally, from here you set the rodor to headings and then navigate to the book or author your searched for and double tap the link. This will then take you to the web version of Amazon, where you can purchase your book.

This is a back door way of doing it but until Apple and Amazon change their rules, it's the only way you can get a book from Amazon outside of the app itself.


Submitted by Pyro2790 on Monday, April 22, 2019

to answer most of your questions, no you can't do Kindle related things through the regular amazon app. you need a second separate app called Kindle in order to accomplish most of the tasks you asked about in your post.
As far as gift cards go, in the amazon app tap Show main navigation menu, double tap on My Account, and double tap on the Manage gift Card balance option from the list of links presented. In this area you can redeem an amazon gift card using a claim code.

Submitted by Kai on Monday, April 22, 2019

• gift cards: Yes, you can enter them in to the app. I’ve done it plenty of times before so it should work still for you too.
• buying books: Pretty sure you’d half to go online to Amazon in order to buy them.
• wish list: Yes, you can see your wish list through the app. However you’d half to edit them on Not sure, but you may be able to edit it through the app. It’s at at least worth a try.
• Book deals: Pretty sure you’d half to be online with Amazon, however I could be wrong. It might be possible to see that through the app. It’s worth giving it a shot.

Hope the info helps and if you do need further assistance, there is a disability line to call Amazon. I have called it many times before so it should help, if you still have questions. Good luck!