Am I Being Stupid?

iOS & iPadOS
Hello, I have just downloaded the new IOS 7 software onto my I-Phone 4S. The download went withut any problems and my phone started to work immediately. HOwever, as far as I can see thee are two slight problems which might just be me not doing something or not knowing how to do something! The first problem is that I have lost the previous English voice I had when using VoiceOver. This used to be a clear voice that could be understanded on most occasions. It is now a muffled, electronic voice. I have looked in the settings under VoiceOver but can't see anything that allows you to change the voice, apart from Language on the rota. The voice is the same if I use Ciri. I had understood that the voices on Ciri etc were going to be improved when using IOS 7 but is this something that will only happen when using one of the new phones? Does anyone know how to change the voice to a much clearer one? The second thing is trying to swipe up to reveal the Control Centre when using VoiceOver. As far as I can tell, having tried several times, I am not able to do this. It is possible to do it if VoiceOver is off but can't be done using one, two or three fingers. It just does the VoiceOver command when yu do these swipes. Is this me just being dumb? What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.



Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hello, I attempt to answer both your questions: High quality voices It's true that iOS has changed voices. Here in italy i have one called alice that is very awful but i must get used to it, smiles iOS stays with low quality voice by default, and you must manually download the hq ones. To get them, just go to: settings, general, accessibility, voiceover. there you will fine a new button, that before was called language rotor, now it's called languages and dialects. now you can double-tap it, and you will find languages. for example you have: american english, and then flicking right, another button: more info, american english click that button, that saying More info. you will find some controls, such as, high quality voice, toggled off. toggle it on by double-tapping and the download should automatically start; remember that it's more than one hundred mega bytes, so, you absolutely need a wi-fi connection otherwise the hq voice download is not allowed! My alice is 188 mb. Then it should start automatically talking with the hq voice; i have your same problem in the iPad, but it's because my wi-fi connection was very unstable when i started the download, i'll try it again this evening. the second question: the control center it's quite simple. place your finger on the status bar, for example on the time or on the battery charge status. then lift the finger from the screen. From there, swipe with 3 finger upwards. from the home button to the status bar for example but be careful not to touch other parts of the screen out of status bar otherwise it does not work any longer. bye!

Hi there… The previous commenter is correct to do the three finger swipes in order to activate either the notification Center or the control center voiceover focus does need to be on the status bar… However there is another way that allows you to access both the control center and the notification center with only one hand. If you place one finger at the center of the status bar right around the area of the glass that is cut out for the speaker and wait for a sound that is not unlike the sound you hear when you double tap and hold an app to move it… You can then swipe down with that finger and you will be in the notification Center. To access the control center the process is the same only place one finger just above the home button until you hear the same sound as described before… And swipe your finger up you will then be in the control center. These gestures take some getting used to but they're pretty handy if you want to do it one-handed.