Alternatives to audioBoom?

iOS & iPadOS

I was wondering, now that audioboom requires my facebook friends to log in now or to create an account to listen to my posts, does anyone know of an alternative app that will do the same thing only without logging in as audio boom once did? Right now I'm just making videos of any audio I want to post on facebook.



Submitted by Paul H on Saturday, March 21, 2015

Short answer is no. No real alternatives to AudioBoom at this time. There is an app and accompanying service called VoiceBo but, it leaves a lot to be desired. App has not been updated for over a year. You can get around the login/signup requirement for Booms when sharing a post by taking the post URL; adding .mp3 at the end of it and taking the s out of the https://. Doing this should enable people to play your audio.

I noted the comments here on this forum, and I think that VoiceBo works great as an alternative to Audioboom. Don't just take my word for it. An avid Audioboom user and app reviewer compared the 2 platforms side by side. See/Hear this review here: VoiceBo - An Audio App that Does it All!