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Hello everyone, this is Chris here. Please can you suggest alternative recording apps? What I am looking for is an app that behaves similar to Dropvox, except the ability to record without an internet connection would just be fantastic. Also, please only try to suggest apps that do not force VoiceOver to go through the earpiece like Dropvox doesn't. I'm asking this as I was going to do my third part of my series on MBraille tonight, but had to let you all down due to stormy weather we have in the Uk, which temporarily took my broadband offline for a few hours. This is also why I would like apps to not force VoiceOver to go through the earpiece? After all, how can I demonstrate apps for the iPhone if that was to happen? I can't! Any responses greatly appreciated. Thanks!



Submitted by vallim on Tuesday, July 23, 2013

iRecorder is the best one I have found wich works well with Voicezover and doesn't pipe the sound through the hear piece.

Submitted by Tim Schwartz on Tuesday, July 23, 2013



I agree. I do not suggest using Audio Memos. It used to be fine but it will no longer record other apps in the backround if that app plays any sort of sound.


There are two apps that I suggest using and for different reasons. Although I'm now leaning to using the second one exclusively and you will see why.


First is             Clear Record Premium. It's a very nice, very clean app. It works just fine with voice over and you don't have to plug in a headset. It can record a 48k wav file and those can be exported via dropbox, wifi or iTunes share as well as be emailed.

I would only suggest using this for when you just want to record yourself. You will not be able to use it in the backround to record other apps.


The second app is Audio Share. Like Clear record, it has a nice and clean interface and works well with voiceover. It will record several formats including 44k wav. Unlike most apps, it will still let you record apps while in the backround whether they play sounds or not which is what you want to record demos of most apps.

The other nice thing is the export options. You can open a file right into Dropbox or Google Drive, or even open a file into other recording apps like Audio Memos or Boss Jock. It also has Sound Cloud support as well as the ability to email your file. You can also use the audio copy funtion of the iPhone. So any other ap that allows for audio copy and paste can have the file pasted into it as well.

The only drawback to Audio Share from what you were looking for is that it does not have sharing over WiFi. But this isn't really a problem with all the other export features. Just something like dropbox or open the file into another app that uses WiFi.


As a third bonus, I still think that BossJock is the very best for producing. It's what I use to put together the different parts of the Life After Blindness podcast. You can record directly into it but it really wants you to be plugged in. It doesn't do well recording in the backroudnd either so again, it's just best for producing your final cut.


Well, I hope this helps!

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