Alarm not going off on my iPhone

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Two days ago, I set an alarm on my iPhone and laid down to take a nap. But It didn't go off, no sounds at all. I ended up missing an important appointment. After that, I came home and check the alarm clock. The alarm screen still showed up but there is no sound. I did check the volume, restart the device but nothing worked. Couldn't figure it out. Has anyone else here had the same issue with alarm app as mine? Is it due to firmware problems?
Updated: Here's the solution I just found <a href="">iPhone alarm not working</a>



Submitted by Joey on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The update is out today and I saw the exact problem that you described in the list of bug fixes. You should update to iOS 10.1 to solve the issue you are having. Hope that helps.

Submitted by Luke on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My alarm works the vast majority of the timeā€¦ But every now and then I experienced the same problem you described. It especially happens when I snooze the alarm. I'll wake up way later than expected, find that the alarm was never turned off, yet it never made any noise

Yes, I've thought about that also, but I didn't want to upgrade to higher firmware since I'm afraid my device would run slowly with worse performance. Now, maybe that's the only way to get rid of this issue. I will give it a try.