After payment info is updated, problem finishing a downloaded album

iOS & iPadOS

Hi all. I'm posting this here, though the behavior I'm talking about is replicated on the Mac, as well. A few months ago, a band I follow, started to release songs for their upcoming EP. As of January 6, they had completed the record, so you had I think six songs. I downloaded the first two without incident, just before my financial world went crazy, I got credit card fraud, ahppy New Year to me. I called, got that straightened, now have a new credit card. Once I entered it into the itunes payment secion on the phone, things are good. I can download anything i want, except the rest of this album. I've signed out, then back in, still nothing. Is there anything else I cna do without repurchasing it? Sure, it's five bucks, but I don't need another copy of the two songs I already downloaded. Thanks for any help.



Submitted by DMNagel on Thursday, January 19, 2017

Go to the iTunes Store and search for the rest of the songs. Don't try to download the songs through the music app. Open the iTunes Store app and try to search for the songs there. If you have already purchased some of those songs, there will still be a Price button. Just double tap on that price button and an alert should pop up telling you that you have already purchased the song along with a download for free button. I hope that helps.