Advice on current state of MS Office in IOS

iOS and iPadOS

HI guys, what is the current state of MS Office on the IOS platform? Ever since it launched I@ve heard really good things, but i'm still not aware as to whether using it on an IOS product is comprable to using it on a PC. Inparticularly, Is there an easy way of navigating in both directions in excel using keys on a keyboard, or do you have to move your finger around a spreadsheet? does excel still have commands to focus on specific cells for example? do the control and arrow keys still jump you to the end or start of a collumn and likewise home and end jump to start or end of a sheet?

With powerpoint, can we open up specific elements? can we move shapes or blocks around?

IN word, can we navigate text much like we would in a regular PC or Mac word processor, can we edit tables?

Finally, is all of this workable on a phone as well as an iPad, or do you need the pad to take full advantage of it, larger touch screen aside?

any thoughts welcome.