Adobe digital editions 1.8.3?

iOS & iPadOS
Dear All, Does anyone know if the Adobe digital editions 1.8.3 application is available for Apple devices? This version of Adobi digital editions is an accessible version for screen readers and I was hoping that there was an ap version for the I phone and I pad to enable download and reading of e-books. Can anyone help? Regards, Steve.



Submitted by Esther on Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There is an app called OverDrive Media Console that can be used to read eBooks with Adobe;s ADE DRM -- the same type of DRM that Adobe Digital Editions Preview 1.8.3 handles on the Desktop for PCs and Macs. OverDrive is a free app used for Library downloadable audiobooks and eBooks. Most of the participating libraries were originally in the US, Canada, and Australia, with a few libraries in Great Britain, but this service has expanded in the last few years both within the individual countries and to other countries. You can use the app to find out if there is a participating library in your geographic area, and add the library. Then you can browse that Library's eBooks and audiobooks through the Safari web browser. But you can only download the eBooks and audiobooks for the borrowing period if you have a library card account number to use for checkout. (In the US you only need to show you are a current resident of the area served by that library to get a card -- e.g. by showing a utility or phone bill addressed to you.) The audiobooks and eBooks that you borrow can also separately be downloaded to your PC or Mac, and played through OverDrive Media Console (for audiobooks) or Adobe Digital Editions Preview 1.8 (for eBooks). By the same token, you can send other eBook files that you have (e.g., purchased externally, such as from Kobo Books) and that support Adobe ADE DRM to be read in the OverDrive app. The eBook reading interface is not as convenient as in the iBooks app, though. You also need to input your registration with Adobe (as you did for Adobe Digital Editions Preview for your Desktop), into the app if you use the eReader portion. This is not required for the audiobook download listening pat of OverDrive. There is also a BlueFire app for reading library downloaded eBooks and books with ADE DRM. It is not accessible, and even ePub books without any DRM that are loaded into this app cannot be read with VoiceOver. You can read more about these individual app entries under the App Directory.