Additional symbols with touch typing

iOS and iPadOS

Hello there.
I'm using jailbroken iPhone SE (2016) with iOS 13.6 (build 17G68).
I installed tweak called "Keyboard Plus" to be able to use the additional symbols such as numbers and punctuation just holding and flicking down necessary key.
It works perfectly, but is there a way to change time required to the appearing symbols panel?
In voiceover settings I'm able to change time for keyboard long press, but it seams that this option doesn't work with touch typing input method (only standard typing). Is it possible to change time for long press for touch typing?
Thanks in advanced.



Submitted by Karina Velazquez on Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Hi, I have the same question but for a different reason.
I'm a Spanish native speaker and we use a lot of accents in words, and it is a chip on my shoulder because it takes a lifetime to the especial characters to appear when pressing and holding.