Adding friends on roger, and linking it to facebook

iOS and iPadOS


I'm wondering if there is a way to add people to some sort of friends list bassed on their roger handles? I am aware that I can start a conversation with them by searching for the handle, but if I have a lot of conversations, that will eventually get difficult to keep track of without a search field I guess.

Also, is it possible to link roger to facebook? I tried tapping the add accounts item in settings, but that seems to only be about e-mails or phone numbers.




Submitted by J.R. on Sunday, August 28, 2016

It doesn't seem to be allowable to link to facebook, just number and E-mail. The conversations button doess allow you to start a new conversation where you can add more than one member, or just add one member to have a one on one. When I recorded my first time use of this app, it has changed quite a lot since I got it last month, and it seems to work well. My username on there is jaredrimer if you wish. Maybe you can E-mail them at and ask if they could add facebook integration, but it is not designed for that right now.