Add Call button goes dim before I can make a 3-way call

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Hi folks,


I'm a newbie to this site, and also a new iPhone user, having gotten my iPhone 5 3 weeks ago.


I'm discovering a problem with the phone app.  I need to be able to make 3-way calls into a chat line I'm working with.  Whether I dial the line's number manually, or from contacts, I get the same problem - the "Add Call" button usually goes dim before I can initiate a 2nd call.


Typically, the button stays available from just a few seconds, up to, at most, 10 minutes - usually, though, it tends to go dim from between 1 and 3 minutes after initiating a call.


I've also tried calling a local automated weather service number in my area, the new number for TellMe, and even my land-line and I get the exact same behavior.  I'd think that button shouldn't go dim for any old reason - it should be there whenever I need to make a 3-way call, whether it be conferencing with 2 friends, two family members, etc.


When I call the chat line, I connect, go thru my signin procedure, then double-tap the "Hide Keypad" button, then I'm ready to initiate the 2nd call.


FYI, I'm a Verizon user, using iPhone 5, and iOS 6, I add all my contacts to my phone using Address Book on my MacBook, I'm currently on 3G, as 4G LTE hasn't made it here yet, and my signal strength is usually between 1 and 3 of 5 bars.  I'm also on the Share Everything plan with 300MB of data.  Also, I just did a hard reset on my phone, using the holding power button plus home button combo, and that didn't seem to help either.


This problem is really starting to frustrate and puzzle me!  I've even spoken to a tech with VZW, as well as a lady from Apple, and they're just as puzzled as I am.


If *anyone* knows *anything* about this problem, your help will be *greatly* appreciated!


Take care,






I've got Dropbox installed on my MacBook, and, every time I plug my iPhone in to sync and/or charge, the Dropbox window seems to pop to the foreground, and VO says "Dropbox has no windows."  I'm currently running Mac OS 10.7.5 and I believe Dropbox Version 1.4.12.  Any ideas as to why this happens?  This has happened, ever since I plugged my iPhone in for the first time.  Strange behavior, if you ask me.



Submitted by frank perry on Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hi. I've got apple mac with mountain lion latest version and dropbox version 1.63. Guess what, voice over tells me there's no windows at all every time I open dropbox. worse still, I can't use the file menu to open a file in dropbox in fact, the program doesn't work with voice over at all. Voice over even goes as far as not saying that dropbox is even open and when voice over is on, dropbox closes its program after a minute. Waste of time this program, so now I will do everything through the web interface at Hth.

HI. I use drop box lots, and am not having any problems. You can access the drop box menus by pressing vo m twice. It's in the extras menu in mountain lion. You don't actually need to go in there that much. It's handy though just to arrow over to drop box in your extras menu to see if files have finished uploading or downloading. You can access your drop box folder in finder. I hope this helps, anymore questions just ask or email me at

Submitted by Dave Nason on Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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Hi. I'm not having the problems that Frank mentions above with Dropbox, but I am using version 1.4.12. I think I may have some idea of what is going on with Ganahee's Dropbox problem though. I believe it is related to the automatic camera uploads option in Dropbox. It used to happen to me too, but doesn't anymore. I think, but am not sure, that it no longer happens since I enabled camera uploads on the Dropbox app on the iPhone itself. Alternatively perhaps you could find an option to turn off camera uploads in Dropbox on the Mac. Maria, just a heads-up in case you don't know. You can create a Dropbox Alias folder and put it on your desktop too. I find it more convenient than going into the Finder.

Submitted by Maria on Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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HI. thanks for the heads up. I added it to the doc. It's also in my side bar so not that hard to find.