accessing the mini player in music, iOS 12

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Okay, i just tried accessing music within iOS 12 today, and found I can't access either the now playing button, if there is one anymore, or the player for accessing controls such as rewind and so forth. There's that button that is a bit inconsistent, the skip, or mini player button. Either way, it skips the track. I have Apple music which I'm subscribed to right now. Not sure if those added tabs might be creating confusion with voice over or what. But, did the mini player disappear, and we're just stuck with not being able to do the basic things such as being able to rewind and such like that?



Submitted by Brian Giles on Thursday, November 1, 2018

Nope. The mini player is right where it's always been, directly above the tab bar on the bottom of the screen. To bring it up you want to double tap the artist or song name, which is more toward the middle of the screen (horrizontally, not the entire screen). To close it you can double tap the dismiss button in the upper left corner, or just do a VO scrub gesture.