accessible way to listen to sirius xm on the iOS platform

iOS & iPadOS

hi all, I just subscribed to sirius xm for the 3 month free trial, and I am wondering besides sirius xm on the iOS divices is their a player that is more accessible for listening to sirius xm and if so what is it called?



Submitted by Jarrod Jicha on Monday, December 16, 2019

Hello there. wanted to tell you about this app. like you I wanted a very accessible app for listening to sirius XM radio, but didn't like most of what I was seeing out there. I heard about this app from a friend of mine. at the time it was in beta, and I got ahold of the author, so I could help with beta testing. he invited me, and every time he put out new beta, I talked to him on twitter about what he might need to fix, or what he should fix, and other things like that. he even let me send him audio files of what I was hearing, so it could help him make things more accessible. he plans on getting back to it, to add a lot more stuff, but for now, it works really good.