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Hi all, I am looking for a free accessible ringtone making app for my iPhone. Previously I used r maker,but after it's last update it is no longer accessible. The screen changes every few seconds which I find strange and it no longer reads the names of artests or songs. I need an accessible app to make ringtones from the music on my phone. It would also be nice to have an app that would put the ringtone on your phone emmediately after it was created so you wouldn't have to go through file sharing. File sharing is a pain because I use jaws and jaws won't take my ringtones from the desktop to itunes so I always have to have someone do it for me which isn't very convenient. If anyone knows how to get around any of these problems or knows of an accessible app please let me know!! Thanks.



Submitted by cat_lover on Sunday, January 15, 2012

I use Goldwave to create sound clips. They have to be 30 seconds or less, so I cut out what I want from songs. They then need to be saved as M4A files. Once done, locate the file and rename it with the M4R extention and copy it into the Automatically Add to iTunes folder under your music\iTunes\iTunes Media folder. The file will automatically go to the correct place, and if you've got ringtones set to sync things should go onto your phone the next time you sync your phone.

Submitted by Eileen on Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I did a google search

on "make ringtone itunes". There are websites that make ringtones. I found instructions for making the ringttones using ITunes. 

As for moving ringtones into ITunes, I simply navigate to the file using  windows explorer  acopy the file and paste it into the list of ringtones in ITunes.Sent from my iPhone

k..k.. i read this post and thought it would be great to create ringtones from my phone..also known as my computer now.. so does anyone know how to do this totally from an 4 s phone.. why keep needing outside computer if phone is one? .. mahalo for to be some teckie out there that has some easy step by step instructions for a simple island guy to follow..for putten on some kind tunes..aloha, vika

Does anyone know of an app that will make ringtones directly on the iPhone 4? There has to be one out there somewhere right? And if you don't, could someone please explain how to do filing sharing with jaws?

Submitted by cat_lover on Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Make sure that you've got the latest version of Goldwave installed. That's the version that allows you to save as M4A. The latest version is 5.66.

Submitted by blindgator on Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hey Holly, A Little late, but here I am to save the day. There is an iPhone app called Converter, if that doesn't find it try searching for ringtone converter in the app store, it is a free app. This is not a perfect way of doing this, but beats paying for it when you already have the song. There is also one complicated step that took me forever to figure out but once doing so, I haven't had any problems. Install the app, open it, sometimes it opens slow and takes a little while for voiceover to read all the page elements. Once you get it open on your phone go to choose a song from your library. You open it and set the slider to edit the standard 30 second ringtone. Here's where it gets fun, once the ringtone is completed, you have to email it to yourself, download it to your desktop, rename it so it doesn't have the same name as the song in your music library. For example I add a 1 to the end of every song title, not sure why you have to do this. Then import the ringtone to your iTunes library. Once there hook up your phone to your iTunes library and go to the ringtones library to copy the newly made ringtone to your phone. I know this sounds like a lot, but it is the only way I have found how to create your own ringtones. I will try and check back here to make sure if you have any questions, but running out for the day. Good luck.