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I am looking for an accessible instagram client for iPhone. The iPhone app has declined very much in accessibility recently, and I am wondering if there is an accessible client out there. Thank you.



Submitted by Blind Canuck on Monday, October 23, 2017

I too would love it, but I doubt it. The funny part is that Instagram is owned by Facebook, and most of Facebook's apps, although not perfectly accessible, are still rather useable and accessible for the most part. Facebook should fire the whole Instagram app develoment team and redo the app from the ground up.

Although most of my feedback to Instagram seems to always fall on deaf ears. But who knows, perhaps they have heard our cries and will do something about it. LOL!

Submitted by mendi on Monday, October 23, 2017

I promise that was my immediate reaction to this post... a sarcastic good luck. Because, if it's out there, I've yet to find it either.

As far as instagram accessibility goes, I am certainly not justifying their actions or saying it's right whatsoever, but my guess is they probably live under the assumption, "Why would blind people want or need to use an app that's all pictures and videos? They can't see them!" Which, again as I say, very wrong assumption and not even right to think that way, but unfortunately, I can see that mind set. That said, I think we as users who are blind should continue to contact them about it so they know we do in fact want it, and perhaps something will be done. I too would like to use it. I used to get on there, but nowadays I avoid it, because it is difficult to navigate and only leads to a frustrating experience.

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