Accessible app for using Facebook on The New iPad

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Hello Applevis, I recently got The New iPad, and I was wondering, are there any apps that are accessible for using Facebook on the iPad? I heard that VoiceBook is not a universal app for both iPhone and iPad, so I'd like one that is actually made for the iPad as well. The official Facebook app is even worse in terms of accessibility on the iPad... E.G, When I double tap on the Status button, it makes the little pop up noise, but takes me to the chat feature.



Submitted by Michael Hansen on Monday, July 30, 2012

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
Hi Santiago, In an earlier post (which I deleted so as not to confuse people) I claimed that Voicebook would work natively on the iPad. As you said above, this is incorrect. However...Voicebook will work as though your iPad was an iPhone...and, given the design of the app in question (specifically how you interact with the news feed), I don't know what functionality would really be added on the iPad even if they did natively support it. Sorry for the confusion, Michael

Well, running iPhone apps on an iPad isn't the same though, for example, I used to use TweetList on my iPad for about two days and then I switched to Twitterific because it had native iPad support. See, if you run an iPhone app on an iPad, the keyboard also shrinks in size to match the iPhone's keyboard, at least it did with TweetList. I'll give VoiceBook VO a try later to see if the same thing happens.