Accessibility of Uber, when there's a problem

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all. Today, my Uber driver was completely at fault, resulting in him/us getting t-boned. I'm a bit shaken, a little sore but nothing serious. I attempted to use the "Help" section of the app to report this. I was nearly finished, when it asks for a photo. Obviously not having taken one, I couldn't submit it becuase it was dimmed. I then called the safety response line. Nice gentleman helped, they offered to transfer me to the department to refund my fare. I get hung up on, then eventually my claim is resolved. How should we report this in future? Also while i'm here, if the next update included what color you are supposed to hold up for the driver, I would like to know that. I really did not want to call, because all my info had been filled out. Anyone have an experience like this?