Accessibility of StickNFind

iOS and iPadOS
So I've been reading about the products from StickNFind, and I'm intrigued. They have something called the BluTracker, which tracks an item outdoors up to about half a mile. And for indoors, they have StickNFind stickers, which work up to 100 feet. The tracking app is free; the product requires Bluetooth 4.0 and the stickers cost $50 each undiscounted. Looks like the BluTracker is around $90 I've actually seen the tracker on my friend's dog's collar. It really is just the size of a quarter, and has a USB connection for charging its battery. The stickers, which I have not seen preport to be very thin, and instead of a rechargeable battery use a CR2016 that lasts a year. The tracker's rechargeable Battery lasts two weeks and it's waterproof. The friend is sighted, so I didn't know if the app was accessible, and for him, it only helped if the dog was deep in shrubbery. I'm also not clear if the indoor tracking features in the stickers are also part of the feature set for the more expensive BluTracker. But for us BVI folks, these could be very cool. Not only for keeping tabs on pets and toddlers, but you could keep track of your backpack in the gym, your locker, your suitcase at the airport, your picnic blanket at the park or your seat in an unfamiliar room when you return from break. I always forget where near the pool I've tethered my guide dog. The app can trigger the devices to flash and/or buz. But, I have no idea if the app is accessible. The description sounds pretty visual. Does anyone have one of these, or would anyone like to buy one to test for Applevis? Maybe one of you belongs to an organization that has funding for testing such things.