accessibility issues with the my verizon app

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I'm disappointed with the lack of accessibility in the my verizon app. Verizon claims under their accessibility page that they make every effort to make all of their products and services accessible to those with disabilities. I mainly go online to the website to do what I need to do anyways but there are features you can only access from the app. For example the verizon up rewards can only be accessed through the app. In the latest versions I can no longer access my available rewards. I feel as a customer I have the right just as anyone else to access and use my rewards. Has anyone found a work around for this?
I have submited my feedback to verizon in hopes that they will fix the accessibility issues of this app.



Submitted by Robin on Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Club AppleVis Member

Hi, I agree its accessibility has seemed to have taken a hit in the past year. When last I had to do so I could access and select rewards well enough. But what disturbs me is the difficulty one faces when attempting to manage devices and plans or upgrade devices. It isn't nearly as user friendly as it once had been. I started noticing degradations right around the beginning of the pandemic when they rolled out a new version of the app which wasn't so new and improved with VoiceOver. I attempted to make them aware of it and got very little back in the way of responses that were helpful. I wish you better luck in your advocacy efforts therein.

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