Accessibility Issue With iOS Yelp app

iOS and iPadOS

There appears to be a massive accessibility issue with the Yelp iOS app in conjunction with Voiceover. It's not at all possible to go beyond the various tabs, "search", "Nearby", "more", and so forth. even trying to find places with the app is an impossibility. Frankly, I don't know why I even have the app on my phone as it currently exists. It's also kind of unfortunate that you can't review the Yelp app on Yelp, making absolutely certain that they see what blind iOS users think of their apps total lack of accessibility outside the tabs, which do nothing in and of themselves. Overall, the app is completely unusable from where I'm sitting.



Submitted by J.R. on Saturday, August 20, 2016

I use the app. There is an edit box that you can search for places. If you tell it to search, it'll tell you what's nearby. Thats how I use it, and i find the place I'm currently at so I could check in if I wish, or see hours, etc. I searched for the bowling alley and I wasn't nearby and was able to give someone the hours. Checking in works too and I've posted reviews using the app as well.

Submitted by Crysania on Monday, August 29, 2016

It is Literally impossible to finish your review on the app with voiceover. It's hard to search for something, you have to feel around the screen towards the top to find the search and the location. I have found it impossible to report that a business is closed. And has anyone had any success giving them feedback? I have not.

Yes, I have left reviews successfully.
A few times it said that I had a review that I was trying to leave, but I think they've fixed that since. I've never left feedback as of yet, but the reviews are working last I used it anyway. I do need to leave one, I'll report back if I have any issues as I don't remember having any sas of late.