Accessibility issue with Instagram that needs to be fixed

iOS & iPadOS

Hello all.
As an Instagram user who is totally blind, I find the app mostly accessible with VoiceOver, as far as reading the captions, the comments, etc. However, in the past couple of versions, what it's doing with VoiceOver, is it starts to read the caption allowed. But then it jumps to the next post. This happens when I'm scrolling through my main feed to check and see what posts the people I'm following are posting. For example, when it starts to read the normal information, like, "post by," and then whoever the person is, it'll then skip over to the next person, as if I flicked to the right on the screen to go to the next post. One of my friends who uses it has also said he noticed the same thing. I'm actually going to be doing a Meerkat broadcast talking about this, so if any of you are following me on Meerkat, make sure to tune into the broadcast. If you're not following me on Meerkat and would like to, my username is djhey20.