Able to use iMessage to text with a Google Pixel

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I usually text with a WiFi only iPad but have to use my iPhone sometimes when the other person isn't using an
Apple device. So I am surprised to find that after my daughter switched from an iPhone to a Google Pixel we are still able to text back and forth, me on my iPad using iMessage. Just thought it was an interesting discovery.



Submitted by Brandt on Wednesday, December 23, 2020


This is not at all new, and not quite as clear cut as just being able to text from your iPad to a Google Pixel device.

There is one hell of a gotcha involved, namely that you must have an iPhone with a plan including texting, which I know most do, but I had to add it.

You can do the same from a Mac as well as your Apple watch, if you have one. This has been around since macOS Sierra in 2016 at least.