6.1.2 Available to Download!

iOS and iPadOS
6.1.2 available to download. It points out Microsoft Exchange bug fix. I'm not sure if any accessibility fixes... I'm sure AppleVis will point that out



Hello all, Before I proceed on. These are solely my opinion and I am not expressing these suggestions on behalf of AppleVis. So these are just merely observation I have observe and know on hand knowledge. So what does the new IOS 6.1.2 mean for you? For most users you will not see or feel any differences from your current IOS 6.1. There are also absolutely no changes or fix for the accessibility side of the update. However, in what it does fix is pretty critical if you are one of those that are effected by this. Like me. If you know that you are using your device to recieve email from a Microsoft Exchange server then this is no doubt highly recommended to go on with the update process. In my case I do recieve emails from where I work. We are currently experiencing a lot of problems from those IOS 6.1 users. It is causing overloading and they had to deny and reject users on these devices. So because I do work in those department of where we make those decisions for the IT department. We are asking everyone to update their devices to the 6.1.2. This will not only help the servers but also allow our users to back on track so they can recieve their emails once again. So please call your IT department if they are recommending for you to update your IOS devices. Plus, on top of that. It was also causing battery drainage issues because of this glitch. Now for those on the iPhone 4s where some have gone ahead and updated their devices to the IOS 6.1.1. Remember the IOS 6.1.1 was only for the iPhone 4s. This was suppose to fix a few data connectivity issues. It had also surfaced some new issues on those devices. Unfortunely, those new glitches are still not resolved in this IOS 6.1.2 for those on the iPhone 4s. So we just have to wait for the next release hopefully to fix those problems. So at this point if you are not having any of these issues mentioned above in the IOS 6.1. Your probably be safe to remain at IOS 6.1 Remember you will need to observe and do some researching if this update is for you or not. Call your IT Department if you use your device to recieve email from work. There are other clients like Google that you could have selected to use the Exchange Server to recieve your mail. Be sure to shceck Google if they are suggesting for you to update or not. Hope this helps.