3-D Touch Not Working as Expected on iPhone X

iOS & iPadOS

Hello everyone,
I wanted to create this topic to discuss and address a concern with using an iPhone X with VoiceOver. I had it for almost three months now and encountered an issue that I was having, but didn't think it was a bug or what could possibly be. Based on how late I'm posting this, and according to the information that's outlined in the topic subject I will keep it as short and brief as possible. Understandably, 3D Touch is a cool feature. I loved it ever since I had a 3D Touch capable hardware, iPhone 6S Plus and I know the feature is still highlighted in the current Apple iPhone lineup. Here's my issue however. I am able to use 3-D touch with VoiceOver to access shortcut menus on the home screen, but am having issues in regards to pressing down on an area where peek and pop is being used, for example on a message conversation, an email message, etc. I could press in to activate peek, but pressing in further does absolutely nothing. I have verified that this is not my phone's hardware, because aside from the fact that this is a brand new phone, I had sighted people test 3-D touch with VO off, and all three features, shortcuts from the home screen, peek and pop worked as advertised by Apple. They were able to press lightly to peek at a message and pressed firmly to open it without a single hassle. So this clearly led me to a conclusion that this has to be something with iOS software. I'm currently on iOS 11.2.5, the latest at the time of this writing. In addition, an audible feedback that indicates how firm you are pressing isn't presence at times. This should be three rising tone, from low to high, as the screen is being force touched. I hear two rising tone, the bottom two notes if I were to describe, but not the last note tone that indicates pop action.

Does anyone else experience this issue for those also using iPhone X?
Sorry for the wordy post but wanted to be as detailed as possible about my concern, a bug, or however this could be categorized under.